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of children in california because the state does not support education. we need funding, we need to spend it on education. >> so, therefore, do you think that community colleges should perhaps change their focus? one idea is to focus on retraining unemployed workers and upgrading skills for new jobs. do you feel that the state should encourage this? and how? >> if you are making reference to the challenges facing the san francisco community college at this time, i think that there are going to be some very painful and although, necessary, redirection of focus. we have been providing a lot of classes, non-credit classes and classes that don't need to further training for new employment. or for the opportunity to pursue a 4-year degree. and given that, upwards of 40 percent of all new jobs created in the next 20 years are going to require a bachelor's degree and only about 32 percent of californians will have one. we are going to have to refocus, particularly at community college level again, with limited resources to assist those who are moving from one career to another. mid career as a r
and making san francisco the solar capitol of california. when people were losing their homes here in san francisco in call, there is plenty of talk and discussion about what to do, we commissioned the first report of its kind to make sure that there were facts behind the dialogue, and because of those facts that came out in our report, looking at foreclosures, finding fraud and finding inappropriate activities that happened by the lenders, action was taken and the home owner's bill of rights and i was proud to be one of the co-sponsors of the piece of legislation in the state. when people talk about fixing education, i first and foremost have that personal experience going into the public schools and going to uc berkeley and seeing my daughter attend a kindergarten every day. and i can tell you that there is no more important issue in our state than education and what we are doing. we need to make sure that it is a priority and it is getting funded and we can't continue to fund higher ed at the same level of that question was being funded and we need to make sure that we have the leaders
's department relied on the california department of justice and an anthropologist to take care of this. his arheart goes out to the famy and is open to talking with them about concerns they may have. >> also in the east bay, hercules police are bound for washington state this morning to interview a married couple caught driving a car belonging to a murdered east bay teacher. the car was owned by 55-year-old suzie ko who was found stabbed to death last week at her hercules home. police in washington arrested the couple yesterday after a pursuit. investigators are trying to figure out how the couple got ko's car and if the pair is responsible for her death. ko's neighbors are relieved. >> i'm glad they caught them. they finally caught somebody. that's just awesome. >> here's a look at the couple. darnell and tania washington on the run since late august. darnell recently escaped from a southern california prison and that his wife helped him escape. >>> a search is under way this morning for a getaway car after a man was shot overnight in morganhill. this happened near the intersection of peeb
volunteered as the president of the league of woman voters of california, and is a small business owner here in san francisco. she holds a degree in government, from claire mont college and a policy. >> good evening, everyone, candidates. >> good evening. >> this year we have two candidates for state assembly state 19, michael brior and phil tim. >> they will answer questions that you in the audience submit as well as the questions submitted to the league of women voters. in addition, the viewers from the senior center may submit questions on-line. the time keepers will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidates that they have 15 seconds remaining and hold up a red card when it is time to stop. >> both have asked the supporters to be respectful of the candidate and the audience and to maintain the quiet during the forum, i also ask you to respect this commitment, please. >> you all have many important decision to make on november 6th, and today's forum will give you the opportunity to ask questions to help you make your decisions. now, let's begin. >> our first question is a very gen
southern california arrested in seattle, washington. they were driving that dead woman's car. >> and is a big break. >> why they are called the modern day bonnie and clyde of los angeles county. >> we are digging up dirt on the suspect that she was speaking of. a man and a woman were rested in washington today. they are connected to a stolen vehicle and hercules. where take a look these pictures. it was a violent confrontation between police and these people discovered inside of this missing subaru. wanted for the missing car/homicide and hercules. the two were asleep but then the couple will cup, she started driving in had also started striking police cars. they did not get away. there in custody. they are now identified as washington. and why these will had homicide in victim's her car and what, if any role they played in her death. >> if the vehicle was stolen. recovering the vehicle is a key to the case. we are not saying that these people are suspect that this case but they are possibly people of interest. they could point us to people of interest. >> she was a retired t
college to be one of the 3 worst-performing schools in the 112 community colleges in california and as evidenced by the $276,000 salary of the head of city college, we blaefrb there's plenty of money they can find without going to the taxpayers. >> i understand there were 700 classes, a reduction in 700 classes, which from the reporting indicates that people have to be on longer wait lists. can you speak to that and how this would facilitate, if this proposition was passed, how that would be facilitated? >> well, it's true. we faced tremendous budget cuts in the last several years. in fact, for the last several years running all of the employees of city college, even our chancellor, have taken pay cuts in order to keep the college open. but we've also seen closure of classes, we lost 700 classes this year, we canceled summer school a couple years ago, and these are measures we have had to take that have caused students to suffer and have caused all of city college to suffer. so that's why we're looking for an opportunity to bring in some funding from the city that we think s
estan incluyendo medicamentos controlados, entre las mercancÍas en la frontera con california, representan ganancias millonarias. hasta el momento la fiscalÍa federal del sur de california. en san diego. procesÓ a 25 de estos supuestos traficantes de los llamados fÁrmaco carteles que incrementan. el destacado ciclista lance armstro armstrong. para que diera nombres y dijera quÉ pruebas tenÍa en su contra para prohibir volver a competir. y declarar nulas su victorias y esto fue precisamente lo que esa agencia hizo hoy como nos explica bilma tarasona. >>> lance armstrong utilizÓ un sistema de su dopaje que no se habÍa visto en la historia del ciclismo tan bien manipulada que no dejaba rastro. fue sometido a 500 pruebas de su dopaje. fue hasta que 11 de sus compaÑeros ciclistas y 14 personas mÁs que trabajaron con Él por varios aÑos, decidieron testificar en su contra y develaron en detalle. inyectaba diferentes clases de hormonas, estimulaba los mÚsculos y aumentaba sus rendimiento los mÉdicos que trabajaron con Él lo hacÍan dormir en la noche en una cÁmara espec
in a violent west coast crime spree that began in southern california a man broke out of jail in august allegedly with his wife's help. >> and we're live in hercules with more on this big break in the case. >> i have the latest here combining information from washington as well as hercules police. today we know that the police stopped a man and woman who as you said were driving a murder victim's car. and the couple believed to be responsible for a crime spree starting in southern california. and there blue subaru station wagon belonged to suzy ko was stolen from her home, she was found stabbed to death in her front entry pri night by neighbors. the crime spree started when the 25-year-old woman suspect tonya washington helped her 24-year-old husband escape from san bernardino county jail august 28th. the pair shot and wounded a sheriff's deputy who stopped the vehicle later, they escaped armed with a shotgun in, seattle, this morning deputies say the suspects rammed into their patrol car and sped away after a stop for a stolen plate after a pursuit, be police took them into custody at
investigators are looking into to. detectives in hercules in southern california are going to be talking to figure out if the pair is also accused in a robbery and carjacking, as well. live in hercules, sharon chin, cbs 5. >>> breaking news out of the east bay. west oakland specifically. police are chasing that man, that suspect on an atv, a four wheeler. this apparently started west of the coliseum. we don't know why police are trying to chase him down. but again, police are not far behind him. this is in west oakland. we have chopper 5 over it as you saw. we'll get our picture back and get you updates as soon as we get them. >>> well, a little good news. california gas prices leveled out. but there's new information that could keep the volatility going for months. it's coming straight out of the bay area. ken bastida live with mobile 5 at the chevron refinery in richmond to explain. >> are you tired of pain 4.60 to $4.80 a gallon? the bad news is you will have it pay for it a little longer because an internal memo came out of chevron today stating that the refinery repairs will not be
in the state of california and in the country of the united states to try to roll back the horrendous rates of incarceration that have happened in this country over the last 30 years. i mean, that's the context, right? the united states, i think most of you know these numbers now, but we're less than 5% of the world's population but almost 25% of the world's incarcerated population. we rank first in the world in the per capita incarceration of our fellow citizens. the russians are fading fast in second or third place together with the belarus people. the rates of the incarceration are five, six, seven, eight times than most in other societies, europe and elsewhere, though their rates of nonviolent crime and drug use are not that much different than ours. so if another country were to lock up its own people at the rate that we do, and if our rates of incarceration were more normative to the rest of the world, we would regard with that other country was doing as a massive violation of human rights. that's the way we would look at it. now, the other point here is what we're doing is not even c
. but then a closer look revealed that one large state, possibly california, left out a whole bunch of claims. the numbers did not come in at the timely point. and so they are likely to be revised higher. so people decided maybe this number isn't as good as it looks at least right now. i will tell you what does look good, the initial public offering market. ipos finally seeing some clarity at least for today. we've got four names debuting, and all four names soaring during their debut. we have intercept pharmaceuticals, realogy, kythera and then shuttershock. all up. then we get to home depot, is the performance too good to be true? yesterday analysts said this company has done so well, it is bound to trip up. will it? coming up this hour, we're speaking exclusively to the chairman, president and ceo of home depot, frank blake. this is a rare interview. he rarely speaks to the media, but you know what? he is speaking to fox business to tell the home depot story. the analyst who downgraded him yesterday, you don't see that very often, downgrading home depot, it is up about 78% year over year.
had an enormous amount of support from inhost services and i think about the california budget which has a $20,000 budget gap and the inhome services was one of those services that was cut where it was decided that we could not provide seniors care at home. instead, they are now going to the emergency room and seeking much more expensive healthcare. we need to do a whole list tick approach and cut back the safety net that we have been cutting. and we need to make sure that we honor or seniors by making sure that they are taken care of during their later years in life. >> so a related question starting you mr. ting. >> retirees are faced with threats from their benefits from under funded pension funds what would you do to stop this from happening in the future and how do you make them live up to their obligations >> that is a great question, someone who is a fiscal question who has been working hard to make sure that the city and county of san francisco does everything possible to leave up responsibilities my office help to bring in above the budget due to the hard work of our office.
. they now face charges here in southern california and in seattle. live, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a explosion and fire at a home sent one woman to the hospital today. this is cell phone video by neighbors. 40 firefighters attacked the fire. four people were at home at the time of the explosion. one woman was taken to the hospital with burns. the other three residents escaped. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the explosion. >>> embattled san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on the job tonight after a fight against ethic charges. ktvu's david stevenson is live where his return could be tricky. >> reporter: mayor ed lee had harsh words today as the sheriff moved to transition back into his job. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi said he was ready to reconcile with the city departments. >> it is a new day. we want to move forward, mend fences. >> reporter: mayor ed lee suspended him. the votes of four supervisors enabled ross mirkarimi to regain the job. >> i believe that they sought out an excuse for an inexcusable act that was confirmed by the criminal c
, chronicling what happened in california, bringing women the right to vote. >> how long does this mean going on? >> the week of the 20th. people do not realize that women were allowed to vote as early as the 1920's. in the library collection we have a manuscript from the end of december, possibly longer. >> in commemoration of 100 years of voting in california. 100 years ago this year, we won the right to vote. around 1911, this is how it would have addressed. and here we are, dressed the same. [chanting] >> we have the right to vote. >> whether you are marching for a cause or voting in the next election, make your voice heard. thank you for watching. >> i am jeff idakia, and i provide legal representation to 20,000 people every year. it is our goal to ensure that we have the best legal representation possible. we started this nine years ago, to increased consciousness and awareness of the issues that affect public safety in criminal and juvenile justice reform. i am proud to say that this is the ninth summit. we take on issues like closing the california youth authority. and we in the confinem
other stories making news "early today" in america. we are going to begin in california with a parents' nightmare at a youth football game. a violent scuffle broke out between opposing coaches after the game ended. it's still unclear what started the melee, but it did stop before any of the children or adults were injured. >>> two florida construction workers were killed in a parking garage collapse. one witness said the five-story lot was under construction when it just fell like a house of cards. rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble 13 hours after the collapse. crews will continue searching for the lone, unaccounted for worker this morning. >>> and finally, there goes the bride in new jersey. look at that woman right there. she swiped a $5,000 wedding dress right in broad daylight. she apparently had a small group of friends and a small child to distract the shop owners while she escaped. police are still looking for the woman. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, meteorologist bill karins has the weather for you. >> you know what's amazing, the big, huge
in today's cover story, finally california gets a slight break at the gas pump. what drivers can expect. and, we'll get inside the brainstorming session of politicians who hope to revive the economy. what to watch in the stock market ahead of tonight's vice presidential debates. plus, will oscar buzz surrounding a new movie help put it at the top of the box office heap? and are traders hopping in the costco shopping cart? first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's thursday, october 11th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: debate night as vice presidential candidates joe biden and paul ryan square off in primetime. yesteday turned into another downer for the market. alcoa and chevron weighed heavily on the dow. gold ended the session flat and oil dipped by nearly a dollar. and the winter heating outlook is in. following last year's warm winter, some americans will get a sticker shock this year, especially those using heating oil. those bills are projected to rise 20%. lately the hot m
when he broke out of a southern california jail. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> to the baseball playoffs. the san francisco giants effaced another must-win game and they came through big time. they just wrapped up a huge win in cincinnati. this is one of their big hits in the game. pablo sandoval. we have team coverage tonight. first to ktvu's ken pritchett at the call ceium where -- colosseum where the a's are also facing a must-win game. >> reporter: despite being down two games, the a's fans thought their team would go to a game 5. we will know if that happens in a matter of hours. >> reporter: during batting practice there is a different vibe, it is relaxed. >> i have been to a lot of games before and i have never been to one that sold out like that. it was awesome. >> reporter: we talked to her before yesterday's game, she predicted a win. and we heard that again tonight. >> never say never. >> i think they are real good. a.j. griffin pitching. >> reporter: the a's are winners at home. the fans take credit for that. >> here you got your 10th man in base
friday. an escapee from southern california and his wife have been arrested in washington state driving her car. >> reporter: take a look at these pictures. it was a violent confrontation between police and two people discovered inside the missing suburu. the couple was asleep with a shot gun in the car. but then the two woke up. a pursuit ensued with the female driver hitting a police car. then the male passenger took over and also struck( police cars. they didn't get away, and they are now in custody. they have been identified as darnell and tanya washington. detectives are on their way from hercules to piece together why these two had a homicide victim's car, and what role if any they played in her death. >> it seems the vehicle was stolen right from the house. and recovering that vehicle is a real key to the case. we are not saying these are suspects at this point, but they are people of interest, and may be ability to point us tohz%aÑ someone whod be the suspect. >> reporter: a mother of four and retired school teacher was discovered inside her home last friday. her husband of mor
be good lit place, sentences go, california, 94102. or 415-554-4375. visit our website, www.sfelections.org. >> hello, i am with the recreation and parks department. we are featuring the romantic park location in your backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in santa and cisco with someone special. -- san francisco with someone special. our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog walkers. both have a significant force. a refreshing retreat from urban life. the romantic past that meander up and down the park under pines and eucalyptus. hang out in this environment and you might see butterflies it, fennel, and then the lines. -- dandelions. is ada accessible. public transit is plentiful. we have conquered the steps, we have watched the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view. this is a place to take someone special on a romantic stroll and enjoyed a beautiful look out. welcome to corona heights located in the heart of this district. it offers a view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. it is one of the best k
and we know that there is hope for the california public utilities commission because you will be starting there very shortly and that is a very good thing for them, and our hope is that you will do for the people of the entire state of california what you have helped to do here in san francisco, so before i turn it over to you, or we take public comment, i want to let me colleagues give an opportunity to comment. commissioner schmeltzer. >> thank you. i would like to add to that excellently written and read resolution, which really covers so much of what mike campbell has done here over the years he's been here. i first worked with him when he was at the california puc before he went to the san francisco puc back during the energy crisis where he tirelessly worked on renewable energy and energy efficiency and all of the other things that the state was trying to do to deal with the energy crisis, and i couldn't have been more pleased when he came to the san francisco puc and added his expertise and i am noticing what i hope is not a trend of people that we are honoring
and is not the general rule throughout california. i think los angeles, where i'm from, there was no supervision for misdemeanors by the probation department. those individuals were on court summary probation which meant go home and sin no more. and if you do, you'll be back here to see us. and so, i think that once again, i go back to the fact that under the current system, because we have so many of those individuals who were once incarcerated at the state level, being pushed down to the counties, there's no room at the end in terms of the county jails. so misdemeanors aren't going to be sentenced to county jail but will be sentenced in community service or whatever. and for those individuals who do need some measure of control and supervision to deal about -- deal with their conviction problems, it's not going to happen at the misdemeanor level. >> let me go to a couple of the questions from the audience. i've shared them with our district attorney. george, two questions there, one related to whether or not drug possession should be treated differently for adults than from juveniles. and then
are they qualified, but they are a large contractor who handle large work in california, not just all over the whole country. some examples being in a joint venture they did the mta side in los angeles, a $600 million, contract and the joint venture partners some year ago was obayashi so there is a working relationship there. >> they did the golden gate bridge, and the south approving $58 million. and the waste water treatment plant, all concrete, $50 million themself and not subcontracted. they did a large dam, and southern california for $94 million, all concrete work, slip ways. and just recently, the warm springs extension $137 million. they are what i would call the 97 percent level, which is the reason that we got them to the bidder they need to move on to the next job with a crew and they are bringing subcontractors. and they have by experience, they have 18 percent sbe participation which is slightly exceeded our goal. the largest of those sbe contracts is actually $15 million out of the $20 million which is the land of oso brothers and hey wood, they are a very good concrete finisher and i
or else we shouldn't be there. >> absolutely. thank you, phil matier. >>> the california man behind the anti-muslim film initially blamed for the benghazi attack appeared in federal court in los angeles today. mark yousseff is accused of violating his probation for a 2010 bank fraud conviction. prosecutors say he has been lying to probation officers and using aliases including sambasly sam basseley. yusef denver the charges. prosecutors stress his arrest had nothing to do with the movie. malala yousufzai denies the mark yousseff denies the charges. >> it was an excuse and trigger point to have more violence. >> mark yousseff has a full hearing next month. he could be sent back to prison for three years if convicted. and it could be the safest place for him because there are now several bounties out on his head. >>> a break in the case of a retired schoolteacher murdered in her home in hercules. her stolen car has been found. police spotted her subaru up in king county washington at 9:00 this morning. two people in the car were taken into custody. darnell and tania washington are bei
there was one report out there that the report that the california claims were not filed completely. we didn't report that or file a report for the last week. we didn't report they did file a report but we did report that its report may not have been complete and might have been some and process claims that were not included in the report that might have pushed down low weekly report and was down by 30,000 and here is a statement from california employment development department. reports that california failed to report data to the department of labour as required are incorrect and irresponsible and also says california continues to file unemployment claims on a timely basis. data on unemployment claims activity is required to be reported to the labor department every week so i wanted to get california at side of the story. gerri: we came up with this on our own. you got this from your own reporting and clearly this isn't the first time you call for comment. you are familiar with these people and wells forced in washington and certainly in this department. tell me what your source said to yo
that is ultimately relevant. in fact, the california supreme court has dealt with exactly that question of what subscales might be constitutional relevant rather than the global i.q. score. >> one question here which i think is very interesting. in my community, we strongly feel that diet plays a strong diagnosis of the violence we see, the intake of sugar which is heavily consumed is a factor. what is your take on that? >> diet certainly plays a role in controlling and behavior. you know, i'm not that familiar with all of the different science associated with different dietary restrictions and other types of things. you can certainly reduce the instance of aggression in animal models by putting them on different diets. you can make them more likely to be aggressive, for example, by changing diets. i have a sister who is a nutritionist around the corner. she would kill me if i didn't tell you to eat right, you know. [laughter] >> that being said, i do believe that deficits in certain essential aminnow acids and other types of things can certainly increase people's impulsivity. they can increase
for several week. >> a southern california couple arrested in seattle while driving the car of a murdered hercules woman were due in jail today for a bail hearing. >> the two are accused of a west coast crime spree including a southern california jail break and a shooting of an l.a. county sheriff deputy. >> police arrested them yesterday driving the stolen car of suzy ko, a retired schoolteacher found stabbed to death friday. >> and five people injured in a multi vehicle accident on vasco road on east contra costa this morning. >> it happened around 7:00 between walnut boulevard and camino diablo. drivers forced to use alternative routes the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> 14 people dead and 170 sickened in a meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid injections. >> the cdc revised figures adding 33 more cases and two additional dentals. the tainted shots have been linked to a pharmacy in massachusetts. the cdc says as many as 14,000 people may have received the contaminated injections that could lead to fungal meningitis. health officials wanted -- contacted about 90% o
discovered that the couple had been on a crime spree that started in southern california on august 28th. that's when darnell washington escaped from san bernardino county jail with his wife's help. five days later on september 2nd, darnell is suspected of shooting and wounding with a shotgun an l.a. county sheriff's deputy who approached him in the city of south el monte in the san gabriel valley. now the couple is suspected also in a number of other crimes, including carjacking and robbery between southern california and northern california. on october 5th, susie ko was killed in her hercules home. >> it's a very big break. and we've said right along that finding the car would be one of the key pieces of evidence that we need to help us try to solve this case. and particularly since king county was able to find suspects in the vehicle, that gives us even more of a lead than if we had found it parked on a street somewhere. >> reporter: now again, hercules police are not calling the husband and wife suspects in the homicide of susie ko, but they will question them as soon as they are able. we
to accept and expend 2011 calhome grant for the california department of housing and community development in a total amount of 1 million 500 thousand dollars and to expend program income from associated loan repayments to assist the low-income first-time home buyers and low-income home owners. er >> yes, good morning, teresa, mayor's office of housing, the resolution is to accept and expend 1.5 million as calhome state financing, we'll be using the program to assist with home buyer's payment assistance as well as doing rehabilitation for owner occupied units, this is our fifth allocation of calhome founds, its's an example of how we're using state financing in a very successful way. >> on this item, do we have a budget analyst report? >> no, we don't. >> any question fwrs the committee, if not, let's go to public comment for this item? are there any members of the public who wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. okay, we have a motion by supervisor avalos, with recommendation we'll forward it, thank you, item 4 had. >> item number 4, resolution authorizing the
of the california utilities public commission to demand a reopening of the hearing of the deadly pipeline explosion which happened in 2010. the explosion killed eight people injured many others in damage or destroy their number homes see how intense the flames were in this video. cherry hill will be at today's meeting tickets under way at 9:00 a.m. this morning. the south bay thasos some weird weather yesterday take a look. hail came down quite a bit is covering the entire ground. in los gatos and south had no say also reported seeing hail as well as in gilroy. it all came down around 4:00 yesterday. >> isn't it funny how we have such different weather in the bay area. i mean there was talk about it was a little chilly or nice i had rain you had nothing. >> a severe thunderstorm over around 4:00 p.m. yesterday they did see henry through out the majority of the bay. '70s for the delta. parts of the north bay as well and that we pushed the clock into the evening hours check out 8:00 p.m. a chilly evening. all that blood flowing into the screen. keeping jack handy and ice water for the afternoon. sixt
two incidents that occurred in irvine, california. an armed white male suspects driving a gray bmw had committed to armed bank robberies. the suspect had already proven himself dangerous and desperate when he attempted to run down responding deputy sheriffs in order to effectively escape from one of the bank robberies. using the gps, the getaway car was located in our city at one of this the park. -- beuna vista park. the suspects gray bmw was found precisely with gps. the car was legally parked and unattended. the robbery abatement team maintain surveillance of the -- of the vehicle for hours, but no signs of activity. park station please -- plain clothes officer under the direction of sergeant scott ryan and robert lieu adnd reyes observed. they noticed until lights were on and the sun roof was opened. officer lew quickly executed a u-turn and confirmed it was occupied by the suspect. officers immediately got out of the car, drew their weapons and began giving verbal commands. they identified themselves, told a suspect he was under arrest and ordered them to surrender. the officers i
of year of new shadows and 2, adopt findings under the california environment quality act, and number 2 is case number 2008 .0789k, 101 1st street, also known as the transbay tower block 3720 lot 001, this is the recreation and park commission to 1, recommend to the planning commission that the net new shadow from the proposed project at 101 first street will not have an adverse impact on union square, st. mary's square, portsmouth square, justin her man plaza, maritime mraz & woh hei yuen park, chinese recreation center and boeddeker park as riper by planning code section 295, 2, allocate net new shadow to the proposed projts at 101 first street for the following six park property union square, st. mary ice square, portsmouth square, justin her man plaza, maritime plaza, and we will ask that you then open the public hearing. first staff? >> good morning, commissioners, my name is karen, i'm a planner with the recreation and parks department, as the commission secretary has read the items out to you today, we're going to have -- there's two items for your consideration, first is a joi
. california remains the state with the second largest number of foreclosures. >>> the labor department had better-than-expected news. the number the new claims dropped to its lowest level in more than four years. 300,000 filed for benefits. that's down 30,000. >>> walmart workers are threatening to go on strike during one of the busiest shopping days of the year if walmart does not improve their working conditions. workers warn they could hold strikes or protests on the day after thanksgiving, when people -- when many people wait outside doors trying to get holiday deals. >>> he'll be spending the rest of his life in prison. now jerry sanduskt is facing a financial hit in the wake of his conviction on molestation charges. >>> will we see more showers in the forecast? mark tamayo will be here to tell us what's in store for the weekend. >>> and last-minute preparations are underway for paul ryan and vice president joe biden. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! un
they were taken into custody, they discovered therm on a crime spree that started in southern california on august 28th. that's what darnell washington escaped from san bernardino county jail with his wife's help. on september 2nd he's suspected of wounds an l.a. county sheriff deputy. they are suspected in another carjacking and robbery between them and october 5th when suzy coe was killed in her hercules home. >> they're not calling them suspects at this time, but if they turn out to be, then it would be up to the various jurisdictions. what i learn from the media folks is there may be more than just two jurisdictions involved. there could be some others, and the district attorneys and states attorneys and so forth have to get involved and discuss this thing and decide how it's going to be prosecuted and who is going to have first bite at the apple. >> we reached out to suzy coe's family. while they're exhausted, teesd arrest bring them a sense of relief on the website welovesuzycoe.com. >>> the reinstated sheriff after the board declined to uphold charges filed by mayor ed lee. now wh
and of san francisco and the bay area and california broadly. (applause) >> you know, it's an honor to get up here and represent my boss, secretary kathleen sebelius and be like brandt colfax, another round of applause for dr. colfax, please. (applause) >> to have a reinvest and recovery act, our stimulus law with the leadership of leader pelosi, of our mayor, of our supervisors, and our community to have $9-1/2 million given to this city and to this area for this. but not just for this, but everybody's already setting this this morning, the local impact, the state impact, the national impact, and indeed the international impact. and i represent a region that is 50 million people. california, arizona, nevada, hawaii, it's a three territories and three countries in the pacific. and i could tell you that i have moved around my region. i've been working with the hiv/aids and other communities throughout our region. do you know how many people have said to me, i got my information through san francisco? (applause) >> that is something to be really proud of. you know, i'll tell you a little bit of
level, california is at the bottom of the 50 states in terms of funding for the arts. so to be in a city where the arts are as important to be heard here at government audit and oversight committee is a testament to the fortune we have to the commitment of arts and culture as a core value and part of the core solution over all challenges we face of the city and the celebration of the city. i think to start there i think it's a great honor to serve in my role and work on some of these challenges ahead of us. >> president farrell: just one question. san francisco does very well compared to other california cities but california does poorly to other states. the first finding we're asked to comment on is that we develop more than any other municipality in the u. s. do you know where we stand in there hasn't been a comprehensive analysis from what you've seen. >> yes. i want to clarify. we were asked to either agree, disagree partially, or disagree wholly by the instructions. in terms of the cup half full or empty when we disagree partially you can interpret that as a green partially. in term
it is just heavier rainfall. drifting over the radar. this core is going towards southern california. as we mentioned those reveron showers and there is the possibility that we could see those with the wrap- around showers. the rainfall totals not that impressive. just tenths of an inch in mountain view, santa rosa and other traces and other areas but not a big rainmaker. at least not for us. the chance of spotty showers overnight. mainly south of the golden gate. partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the '60s and '70s. warmer conditions expected. who will take a look at futurecast. showing minute just the cloud coverage. as this moves to the east. it will go towards lake tahoe. and as it goes towards 7:08 a.m. we could see light showers. and also through the south bay. mainly cloud coverage. attempts are in the '60s and '70s. and post-temperatures. will be in the '60s and '70s with also 70's and palo alto. '70s in concord, livermore and 60s for the east bayshore. just six degrees in san francisco and upper 60s in 70's for the north bay with 60s in san francisco. keeping that chance of showe
and one of them was a resident and they were all from out of city, or southern california or out of state, is that right? >> that is true. >> i think that is important to note that and i think that you did a good job. and i will say that i went to the castro street fair and i saw the police officers in action and i saw them removing people who were not doing what they were supposed to be doing, in a peaceful way and they did a good job. and i also went to the obama event and the police officers did a wonderful job. they did a wonderful job in terms of having president obama here in the civic center. i just want to say good job, thank you. >> commissioner loftus? >> i just want to echo the comments of my kol colleague. i think that it was sergeant tumor, i saw someone violate the perimeter where the president was coming and he got past several officers and it was sfpd who ultimately restrained him and i have to echo what commissioner dejesus said. i was with my kids and what they did is they made sure that they removed him from the area, and they had what looked to me as a stern conversat
afirmativa. >>> los 7 estados como california donde se suspendieron, las minorÍas no salieron perjudicadas. universidades como ucla de todos los estudiantes admitidos este aÑo, solo un 35% son blancos >>> las universidades tienen que aceptar a los estudiantes segÚn su ak academia y grados. >>> la corte suprema es conservada y se especula que una de las mayorÍas de los magistrados llevar al paÍs por un nuevo camino que dio pie a protestas frente al tribunal. >>> para mÍ es importante soy primera generaciÓn, mis padres son mexicanos. soy la primera persona por lado de mi mamÁ y papa que fue a la escuela. >>> pone fin a acciÓn afirmativa a los 43 estados que prefieren las preferencias raciales y reducirÍa el nÚmero de minorÍas en los centros de educaciÓn superior en los Ängeles, carlos botifoll telemundo. >>> nos vamos a new york, donde el legisladores de la ciudad realizan audiencias para analizar si se nombra una agencia independiente para que sup super vice parte de la baja que registra el Índice de criminalidad de la ciudad. los que se oponen, dice que invade la privacidad.
that unfolded and the trail of mayhem that stretches all the way back to southern california. >> reporter: the discovery of the blue subyou -- suburu with a shot gun inside, the first glimmer of hope. >> the initial reaction is relief. we've been working so hard to find some major clue. >> reporter: this morning, recovers near seattle arrested the couple who smashed the car in a police chase, darnell washington and his wife, tanya, sped off when officers approached them in the stolen car. they arrested the pair at gun point after they repeatedly rammed several police cars that boxed them in. >> this is a major break. >> reporter: they are considered persons of interest right now, not murder suspects. >> we know they were in this olympia home. there are people we want to talk to. they are not the suspects. >> reporter: the washingtons are wanted in a crime spree when the wife helped her husband escape from the san bernardino county jail on august the 8th. authorities suspect they car jacked other cars before this one. >> how is your family holding up? >> after this discovery, this news, m
was awarded the california, preserve vasing foundation, 2012 award. it is quite an honor to receive that award. there were only four awards given for the entire state of california. you had a jury of architecture, engineering and planning and history along with critics from the media, who based the selection on the secretary of interior standards and those have been guiding juries for the past 29 years. and so, later on this month, our own sals, will be traveling down to los angeles to pick up our award. this award as you know is for our archaeological exhibit and it is being shown at ac transit headquarters and back to san francisco for city hall centennial celebration. on to our work with the san francisco unified school district. as you know we have been working with all of our 28 union and some of our guys are here today. as well as all of our contractors, web core particular, to rereach out to our youth, provide education opportunities, and donation and so forth. and i want to say that web core deserves a great deal of recognition because they have been doing a lot of work in terms of don
stabbed to death had her home. washingtons wanted in a southern california jail-break and nonfatal shooting of an l.a. county sherry's deputy. >>> the two vice presidential candidates in kentucky making final preparations for a showdown that is more important after last week's presidential debate. katie marzullo with a new poll. >> reporter: according to rasmussen polling voters are attaching less importance to tonight's debate compared to the one four years ago but they think ryan will do more to help his running mate than joe biden. vice president biden touched down in kentucky this morning. he's been going about business as usual and playing his cards close to his vest. >> what eye been doing mostly is -- what i've been doing mostly, is studying up on congressman ryan's position on the issues. >> reporter: congressman ryan arrived last night. >> i know how he will come and attack us. the problem he has is he has barack obama's record he has to run on many >> reporter: democrats the morning building up biden. >> he is who he is. i'm hoping that comes on tonight i think the person
radar. you see all the thunderstorms down in southern california, that's more closely toward the core of that low. we have seen dozens of lightning strikes now north of bakersfield. but you see that big batch of moisture in the central valley? that's going to wrap around toward the bay area and as it moves in, it's going to get a little lift from the heating of the sun and we could see a lot of stormy weather in toward the southern half of the bay area by the afternoon. cloudy skies out there right now, unusually cool. temperatures only in the 50s at this hour. 57 degrees in concord. 59 livermore. 58 san jose. very neat look for you. you have the low clouds down below, high clouds up above from the mount vaca cam. mix of sun and clouds probably more clouds this afternoon. the possibility of some thunderstorms south of the golden gate bridge. tonight probably cloudy and some drizzle making a return to the bay area. here's that low, the core making its way into southern california. you see all that moisture wrapping around the back side of
in commemoration of 100 years of voting in california. 100 years ago this year, we won the right to vote. around 1911, this is how it would have addressed. and here we are, dressed the same. [chanting] >> we have the right to vote. >> whether you are marching for a cause or voting in the next election, make your voice heard. thank you for watching. >> >> roll call. we have a full commission. >> the first category in the calendar>> are items proposed for continuance. .0847d, 28 -- toledo way, continuance to nov 8, 2012. it is my distinct pleasure to announce that item 13, case 2011.--- for clay street, letters with drawings the drs, this matter is no longer before you for your consideration. without commissioners i am not aware of any other item closed for continuance are being withdrawn. >> opening it up for public comment, items proposed for continuance. one speaker, mark -- devon-- he will tell them exactly how to pronounce it. >> devonchenzi (sounds like) thank you for taking the time to hear me today, i want to follow up for this continuance. as you may recall september
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